Fresh uncontaminated drinking water should be the norm for everyone in society today, yet for so many people in the slums of Kibera this is far from reality.

Good quality mains water makes it’s way through a series of pipes for people to purchase from holding tanks.   However, with pipes often close to the surface of the ground, passing traffic frequently fractures the pipes allowing contamination to enter the system.

This means that people are frequently buying contaminated water causing many intestinal sicknesses including cholera – which can of course in many cases be fatal.

Water Guard is a local product purifying the water.   Yet due to extreme poverty the cost of Water Guard, although small, is out of the reach of most.  Since we have been operating a free distribution programme in partnership with a local church within Kibera,  there has been a massive reduction in sickness and cases of cholera.

A positive case of working together to improve lives.   Click here to be involved.

Kibera slum





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