June 2021

Working out of lockdown

Lockdown – what does – has it meant for each of us.   A definition of the word is confinement and I am sure we can all relate to that over the last year or so.

Thinking about it a little more I couldn’t help feeling how even in the ‘normality’ of time –  we operate in lockdown in many areas of our lives.

Take for instance the word can’t – how often we stop ourselves from achieving a seemingly difficult objective simply because we think we are not able – or – we are too afraid to try.

Can’t was a word my dad would not let his children use – he was a man who in the Great Depression of the 30’s (or Slump as it was sometimes known) – walked, in the middle of winter, in the clothes he stood up in, in hob nail boots (as they were called)  several sizes too big, around 150 miles to find work.    He literally had no money, not even a penny.  On his journey he ate raw turnips picked from the fields, drank water from the streams and slept under the hedges.

He, like many others in those days, would not allow himself to be confined by the circumstances of the Depression.

Getting back out into ‘the world’ following Covid is going to be a major step for many people – but – it is one step at a time.  One step forward – is the first major and most important step – it is the decision to move out of containment – to take back the ground the enemy has stolen.   Will it be easy? – No – was it easy for my dad – No – Can it be done?

The bible tells us ‘We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.’   If you don’t know Jesus He is but a breath away – If you do, you will know He is our travelling companion – remember the guys on the road to Emmaus.

Jesus joined a couple of disciples on their journey after their world had fallen apart – they had no idea what the future held – but He restored their hope and turned their lives around – He can and will do the same for each of us.

Let’s not let fear, let’s not allow thoughts of uncertainty to confine us – we are called to be victors – to rule and reign with Christ.

Today it is time to prepare for the journey, move on and make our future Count.

Scripture reading: Luke 24:13-35, Philippians 4:13

Love and blessings