Nov 2019

Imagine God – How big is our God

Do you find it difficult to imagine our God – who He is and how amazing He is?

I wrote last month about my deckchair moment – just sitting and contemplating creation and resting in God’s goodness and mercy.

I love walking in the countryside and just drinking in the wonder of all He has made – it takes me out of who I am and into the intricacies and magnitude of who HE is – into a depth I cannot fathom.

I was in the Yorkshire Dales recently and took a wrong turning – which turned out to be a right turning – a detour – over the hills with nothing in sight that had been made by man, save the road – no light pollution, no roadside rubbish, no noise – except the bleating of sheep and the cry of the curlew,  it was breath-takingly beautiful.

God needs no artist to paint a picture or an author to write His message – it is just there in front of our eyes, day and night ( I am in awe of those who can paint and write) but to see and drink in our Creators handiwork leaves me speechless.

I want to remind you – to put this before your eyes – as the Christmas cards and puddings appear on the shop shelves along with all the ‘surplus goods we cannot possibly live without, tempting many into debt and stress’ – that God in the form of a tiny baby called Jesus – came to earth to give us life in all its fullness and to form a relationship with you and I. and the only ‘thing’ we cannot truly live without, truly live, is that relationship.

That no matter how wonderful and beautiful creation and the Christmas season is Jesus didn’t come to earth for that – but for us – we are the reason behind the season – not so we can exploit or be exploited – but so that we can have a meaningful and lasting relationship with the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Contemplating Christmas?  Contemplate the Lord Jesus and what you mean to Him – He is over the top in love with you, yes, dare to believe it, YOU – God loves YOU.

Have a brilliant month basking in that reality.

Love and blessings in Jesus

Scripture reading.:
1 John 4:16 – Amplified Bible
John 3:16 – Amplified Bible
1 John 4:19