Education through sponsorship – educating a child brings hope for the future. Our focus is on orphans, single parent families and families in extreme poverty. Children in these sectors face a very dismal future and often one on the streets or in prostitution.
Children are identified through connections with the local church – we do not discriminate regarding religious persuasion or background – it is the need of the child that is taken into account.
To sponsor a child please go to Contact Us.

Poverty Relief

Working with the local church we are able to identify the needs of the community and are able to bring much need assistance in areas such as:

  • Water purification – fresh uncontaminated drinking water is far from the norm in many areas. Having disease free water is a must to prevent many water borne infections such as cholera and diarrhoea. In short, disease free water saves lives.
  • Food aid – Crop failure, no job, insufficient income equals no food .
  • Medical assistance – Many people are just too poor to be able to take their children or themselves to the doctors.
  • Orphans – A land flowing with orphans for a variety of reasons, from HIV to low life expectancy. Working with the local church Vision Ministries is committed to the provision and assistance of a children’s home where orphaned children can be brought up in a loving Christian home where their needs will be met; spirit, soul and body.

We are also committed to assisting a local charity as they care for abandoned babies and work to provide loving homes and adoptive parents for children who are often discarded in latrines, rubbish dumps or at the side of the road.

Business Initiatives

Business Initiatives whether it’s making jewellery for the tourist industry or through a kiosk selling clothes, the desired objective is for people to be able to care for themselves through sustainable development in work that focuses on their ability and location. Giving people an opportunity to work develops self esteem and relieves poverty.

If you are interested in partnering with Vision Ministries please get in touch.