Childrens Home Update


It was wonderful to have my base at the Children’s Home for the two months I was in Mombasa.   Some of the time the children were on holiday from school so we had the opportunity to interact, get to know each other better and of course have our annual outing to the beach – as always packed with fun and laughter.

Pastor Stanley, his wife Lucy and the staff are amazing people who so love the children and together we are privileged to be able to help this great bunch of kids who are like one fabulous big family.

Whilst Vision Ministries build the complex the ‘home’ is responsible for its own day to day running and maintenance, so staying for two months gave me the opportunity to experience first-hand how the home manages.

With an unstable economy, many people unemployed so funding for maintenance is a struggle.   In view of that there are some areas I would like to think we could help with over the course of the year.
•  I seldom visit during the rains so had not seen the struggle they have with the grounds – which are in need of paving – we often had to paddle though the puddles as the rain poured down – and in the ‘long rains’, tropical rain can last for days at a time and runs from April through to June /July.
•  There is need to fit guttering to the three houses – provide water butts – which in turn would alleviate some of the puddle problems.
•  Re paint the houses – due to the high humidity of the area this needs to be an annual / biannual objective
•  Raise the height of the compound walls – although I was away visiting Baby Life Rescue Centre at the time – there were a couple of incidents of thieves scaling the walls – the threat was averted by security – but nevertheless the incidents happened.  Raising and reinforcing the walls would further help protect the children.

We thank God for His provision in these areas and for your prayers.
I do hope you have been following us on social media because that is me out of space for this issue.

Please keep tuned in to our website and social media, we all at Vision Ministries really value and appreciate you and thank you for your continued support.

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