Our Vision

Keep the vision before your eyes – The book of Habakkuk 2:2-3 tells us ‘Write the vision and make it plain – that he may run who reads it………Because it will surely come.’ It is good to write things down so that we can remember in the times when things are tough and seemingly impossible. […]

Baby Life Rescue – Update

I was able to spend three to four days at the centre with my friends, Peter and Selpher Matua, directors of the project,   and also with the babies they currently have in residence – the number fluctuates continually as permanent homes are found for the babies. During my stay there were just four babies being […]

20p saves lives in Kenya

In Kenya 20p will buy a bottle of Water Guard – which could save a life. When your only source of water is contaminated water – you are risking sickness and death with every mouthful – water in the developing world is not always life giving. But thanks to a group of children who used […]

Choose Life

We must never underestimate the power of prayer. We thank God for churches and individuals both in Kenya and round the world who prayed for peace prior to and through Kenya’s recent elections. To all of you who took part – thank you. The elections passed peaceably. The fourth President, Uhuru Kenyatta now having been […]

Baby Life Rescue

For those of you new to Vision Ministries – Baby Life Rescue Centre (B.L.R.C.) is a charitable organisation in Mombasa caring for babies and children (under 3 years) who have been abandoned, discarded – thrown in skips, down latrines or just left at birth in hospitals. Their work is varied and extremely rewarding as they […]