On a high note

How brilliant to end the year on a High Note.

We are so proud of our students – Here is one of them, Yvonne (on the right) – having just finished studying Journalism at university – achieving credit, awesome!

Helping one person at a time brings rewards.

  Mary* was just 7 years old when she entered our Education Program.   The eldest of three children whose widowed mum was and is living with HIV/AIDS.  The family were living in a single roomed mud house, no furniture or beds, or sanitation, sleeping on the earth floor. Today – 16 years on – the […]

10 years old as a charity

We at Vision Ministries are celebrating – 10 years a charity and 15 years working in Kenya. I can hardly believe it is so long – it just seems but a few moments ago. Going – not knowing what lay ahead – but what an amazing journey we have had to date. Literally thousands, thousands […]