10 years old as a charity

We at Vision Ministries are celebrating – 10 years a charity and 15 years working in Kenya.

I can hardly believe it is so long – it just seems but a few moments ago.

Going – not knowing what lay ahead – but what an amazing journey we have had to date. Literally thousands, thousands have been helped through all the wonderful people that have, over the years, come alongside us to help ‘Make a Change and Make a Difference’ in the lives of so many people living without hope.

Some of you have been with us for the entire journey and some of you have joined along the way – we sincerely thank you for your dedicated support.

We want you to know that you are a blessing. Without your commitment, and for some, your sacrificial giving and support, we would not be celebrating as we are today.

But the journey is not finished – there is so much more to accomplish, so many more lives to touch and encourage – and we look forward to sharing the continuing journey with you.

If you are new to Vision Ministries, welcome. Please may we encourage you and assure you that should you decide to support the work we do in Kenya, your donations / sponsorships will change people’s lives – they will make a difference as they reach those in desperate situations.

  • 15 years has seen me having to learn more and more new skills, seen me kicking and screaming my way into IT and Social Media (sorry folks – I am still not there – but thankfully with much help I am further along the road than I was ).

  • It has also seen me not being able to stand a speck of dust around to loving every minute of the time I spend with the people in Kibera – the largest slum in East Africa – who live amid open sewers and mud houses.

How our priorities change; But our Vision remains the same: To help orphaned children and those in extreme poverty through the love of Jesus. As a Christian charity we recognise that without His guidance we can do nothing.

To achieve the aims of the charity we work alongside the indigenous people of Kenya, local NGO’s and the local church – people who we have come to know, and I add, trust, through the years. Building communities, families, lives.

As a Christian charity we do not discriminate against those of other beliefs – everyone needs a helping hand.