Mission & Vision

Mission As a Christian organisation the foundation of Vision Ministries is based on love. We are committed to the holistic development of people; spirit, soul and body, working with and through the local church. We demonstrate each person’s individual importance and value to both God and man, equipping through education, supporting through work initiatives and […]

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When you sponsor a child you are linked to a specific child and hopefully become acquainted through letter or even at sometime a visit. You will receive updates on the wellbeing and progress of your child along with an annual photograph. We take children from pre-school through to senior level and where a child shows […]

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Today Counts

June 2021 Working out of lockdown Lockdown – what does – has it meant for each of us.   A definition of the word is confinement and I am sure we can all relate to that over the last year or so. Thinking about it a little more I couldn’t help feeling how even in the […]

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Pastor’s Corner

Francis Chan speaks of our life in terms of a rope that would stretch round the world time and time again, the 70+ years we are now living is only a minute segment of that ‘rope’.   Why is it then that our focus, in the main, is on that tiny portion of time and the […]

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Happiness is having someone who cares


Working at grass roots level with the local community in Kenya

Vision MInistries

Vision Ministries (SCIO) Charity No. SC035235

As a Christian organisation the foundation of Vision Ministries is based on love. We aim to promote the advancement of the Christian faith – working with and through the local church showing the love of God in all we do.

It is our aim to:-

* show people they are important and valuable to God and man
* equip through education
* support through work initiative programmes
* bring relief to those in extreme poverty with food, accommodation & medical assistance